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Recommended Reading:
(Some may be NSFW)

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Andy Capp
Axe Cop
Button Mash
Calvin & Hobbes
Customers Suck
Cyanide & Happiness
The Devil's Panties
Doctor Cat M.D.
Extra Ordinary
Garfield minus Garfield
Geebas on Parade
Girls with Slingshots
Hark! A Vagrant
Khaos Komix
Least I Could Do
Life on a Stick
Little Vampires
Married to my Wife
On the Couch
Questionable Content
Sandra and Woo
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
So... You're a Cartoonist?
Stupid Fox
Wapsi Square
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic


The Danse Macabre fanzine: Vanitas is defunct (for the moment at least) but fear not, the ongoing nightmare fuel that is Horror Scope will continue on the site. Click the logo below to be taken to the newest strip.

horror scope

The first three volumes of Flakes are available from the web store along with most other merchendise. Watch this space for more to be added soon.



Click the image above to take you to the most recent Flakes strip.


We will be attending our first comic mart of the year at the Big Glasgow Comic Weekender.

Walkabout, Renfield Street (near Cineworld)

29th - 30th March

1100 - 1800

All comics below are very NSFW!

Chester 5000
Collar 6
Fluffy Bunny Domination
Garden Hose
The Meek
Ménage à 3
Nic Buxom
Sticky Dilly Buns






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