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Welcome back to the newly upgraded website! There's a lot of new features to explore, including some fantastic photo sets of some of my cosplay endeavours by the extraordinarily talented Alasdair Watson.

You can still find the full back catalogue of comics that were here before, hopefully now the new navigation menu will searching through them much less of a laborious task.

horror scope

Our good friends at Danse Macabre are on a Black Sabbathical at the moment, however, rumours seem to persist of a new issue of their excellent fanzine: Vanitas is being prepped featuring a brand new Horror Scope comic. Keep your Dead Eyes Opened for that in the coming months.

The fourth volume of Flakes has been printed and is now available in the web store. Alternatively you can check back here or on one of our social media outlets for comic mart appearances where you can pick up a copy in person.

All comics below are very NSFW!

Chester 5000
Collar 6
Fluffy Bunny Domination
Garden Hose
The Meek
Ménage à 3
Nic Buxom
Sticky Dilly Buns






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Convention Timetable

More comic mart appearances will happen in the near future, for now though we're taking a break in order to work on new projects and bring you the best comics possible.

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